The national average cost for a driving lesson with a fully qualified
Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency - Driving Instructor 
is between £24.00 - £30.00 per hour.

With motoring costs at an all-time high, how much do you think it costs a learner driver to become a fully qualified motorist?

Well, according to new research by MoneySupermarket it will cost the average learner £2,741 to gain their full qualification.


The average cost of a driving lesson is now £27, and with the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) recommending 47 hours of tuition under the supervision of a professional instructor, the total cost of lessons for a learner will be £1,269.00

However, the DVSA also recommends 22 hours of private practice under the supervision of a friend or family member who is over the age of 21 and has at least 3 years of driving experience.

This is where the biggest expense will be accrued as it is a legal requirement for the learner driver to be featured in a car insurance policy covering the vehicle they will be practising in. Data from the latest MoneySupermarket Motor Monitor suggests that the average driver between the ages of 17-19 pays approximately £1,422 per year for motor insurance cover.

There are a number of other expenses to be considered as well, including the cost of actually taking the mandatory theory and practical tests. Even if the learner passes both of these first time, it will still cost £141 to complete the tests.

Generally the mileage covered in a single one hour driving lesson will be between 15 to 22 miles dependant on the level of pupil being taught and the pick up / drop off distance between lessons.
fuel guage 
The cost of fuel per lesson will vary due to the price at the petrol pumps, the ability of the pupil and the type of lesson being taken. 
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DVSA research recommends that pupils should have 47 professional driving lessons and 22 hours of private practice to enable them to reach the DVSA practical driving test standard.
An alternative method of working out the amount of professional driving lessons you may require is to double your age i.e. 
17 years old x 2 = 34 professional driving lessons + a minimum of 30 hours  private driving practice with a relative or friend.
Please note: all pupils are different and the amount of professional driving lessons required can differ quite considerably.    

calc 1
KJT's average pupil drive time on lessons before passing the DVSA practical driving test is 35 - 40 hours.
Multiply the highest figure (40) by KJT's cheapest discounted 25 lesson course payment of £21.00 per hour
This works out to be £840.00 for the total cost of 40 driving lessons.  
Kevin from KJT Driver Training will answer your calls, arrange your bookings, teach and take you to your DVSA Practical Driving Test.
(No other person will be involved with this process)

Once upon a time there was a driving school advertising fantastically cheap driving lessons.
If the driving lessons seem to be really cheap, ask the following questions, 

Will I have a 1-hour, 50 minute or a 40 minute lesson?

Can I book and repeat a series of discounted courses?
Is my lesson with a trainee driving instructor, or a DVSA fully qualified driving instructor?
Is my instructor CRB registered?
Will my instructor be friendly, patient, understanding and reliable?
How experienced are they?
Will I have the same instructor on each lesson?
Will my instructor keep teaching records and plan my individual lesson programme? 
Can I speak to my instructor at anytime, or will I have to speak to a call centre operator?
Do you provide a flexible local pick up and drop off service? 
Will I have the same car on each lesson? 
Is the car new, well maintained and fitted with dual controls?
Is the car insured correctly for teaching learner drivers?
Will I receive my own copy of the Terms and Conditions of the driving school?
Will I be provided with a receipt every time I make a payment for lessons?
Do I have to commit to a contract to get my initial course of lessons?
Will I be given handouts to help me along the way, regarding my theory test and practical driving? 
By asking some of the questions above you may save yourself valuable time and a lot of money. 
I would advise you to talk to at least three driving schools before making a decision on which driving school you would choose to take your lessons with.
Please note, the cheapest driving school may not be the best. Ask friends, they may recommend a driving instructor or a particular driving school to you.
You will spend a lot of your hard-earned cash on driving lessons.  


You will also spend a lot of time with your driving instructor.


Many potential driving school customers making initial enquires regarding driving instructors, think that a driving instructor is just a driving instructor. Is that correct?  Answer,  INCORRECT.

A majority of new pupils are also unaware that some driving instructors are "NOT FULLY" qualified.


Lessons and Driving Tests
DVSA research recommends that pupils should have 47 professional driving lessons and 22 hours of private practice to enable them to reach the DVSA practical driving test standard.
How many lessons will you need if you do not have one hour lessons to reach the practical driving test standard? If you opt for 40 minute lessons, by the time you finish your third lesson you will be one hour behind regarding your knowledge, driving ability and experience.
If you go for your DVSA practical driving test before you are ready and the outcome resulted in a fail, it will affect your confidence for future lessons and can potentially have a negative impact for the next test.
A driving test currently costs £62.00 (Weekdays) and £75.00 (Weekends) so what originally seemed like a good cheap fast track approach to learning how to drive becomes extremely costly and time consuming in the long term. 
Take time to calculate lesson costs and drive time you may require to reach the test standard and then subsequently pass!   
The final cost of a driving lesson takes into account the following financial outlay for the instructor / driving school:
APPROVED DRIVING INSTRUCTOR - QUALIFICATIONS (LEGAL) (ADI training and qualification fees - ADI licence fees every 4 years).
APPROVED DRIVING INSTRUCTOR - CHECK TESTS (LEGAL) (DVSA instructor assessments to ensure safe level of instruction).
CRIMINAL RECORDS BUREAU - CHECKS (LEGAL) (instructors must be CRB checked every 4 years when re-registering - CRB fees).
BUSINESS REGISTRATION - HMRC (LEGAL) (sole-trader registration with HMRC and Accountancy Agent disclosure - fees).
CAR - PURCHASE (payment - hire purchase - daily / weekly / monthly / yearly rental fees).
CAR - DUAL CONTROLS PURCHASE (LEGAL) (fitting - maintenance).
CAR - INSURANCE (LEGAL) (all pupils 17 years old and above - practical driving test cover - off road cover).
CAR - ROAD TAX (LEGAL) (yearly).
CAR - MOT (LEGAL) (yearly).
CAR - TYRES (LEGAL) (new tyres - every six months).
CAR - ROOF BOX / "L" PLATES (LEGAL) (car advertising - magnets - sign writing). 
CAR - FUEL (used on lessons / practical driving tests - travelling between lessons - pupil pick up and drop off).
CAR - MAINTENANCE (general daily / weekly car maintenance and running checks - cleaning).
CAR - GARAGE FEES (service - repair - parts).
CAR - BREAKDOWN AFFILIATION (breakdown - recovery - car replacement).
TEACHING - IPAD BOOKINGS DIARY & PUPIL RECORDS (set up - planning, booking, pupil contact and performance records - iPad and teaching app updates).
TEACHING - LITERATURE (on-going purchase of teaching information - Recap Pads / Books / CD's / Pass Plus packs - KJT personalised pupil handout booklets).
TEACHING - BUSINESS MOBILE PURCHASE (pupil communications - monthly service provider fees - handset upgrade fees).
OFFICE - WEBSITE PURCHASE (KJT Driver Training domain name purchase and certification - hosting fees - update fees).
OFFICE - COMPUTER PURCHASE (computer maintenance fees - ISP monthly fees - software update fees - virus protection fees).
OFFICE - PRINTER PURCHASE (printer maintenance fees - ink cartridges - A4 paper - updates).
OFFICE - PAPER SHREDDER PURCHASE (shredder maintenance fees - business and pupil paperwork security). 
OFFICE - OPERATIONAL STATIONARY (business cards - compliment slips - gift vouchers - receipt books - A4 folders). 
OFFICE - SUNDRIES (office electricity and heating fees).
HMRC - ACCOUNTANCY (LEGAL) (preparing and presenting business figures to the HM Revenue and Customs - accountancy fees).
HMRC - INCOME TAX (LEGAL) (yearly income - income tax payment).
HMRC - NATIONAL INSURANCE (LEGAL) (sole-trader fees - yearly).

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